What Is the Future of Online Betting in the USA?

The status of online betting in the USA is somewhat controversial. Similarly, so is the status of online casino gaming. However, if history thought us anything, it is that you canít make people give up something they like if you make it illegal. For most of us, betting or casino gaming are just fun and in no way do moderate betting or casino gaming present any threat to both the players and society. Due to certain loopholes it is possible to play casino games online. In fact, it is even possible to receive a bonus before you even make your first deposit. Hereís a where to find a list of USA no deposit bonus casinos. As far as online sports betting is concerned, technically it is prohibited by the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 even though this lawís purpose was to limit phone betting.

Controversial Legal Status

Despite of the legal status of sports betting in the US, estimates show that more than $4 billion is wagered by US citizens on the outcome of the Super Bowl alone. And most of those wagers have a disputable legal status, i.e. most of that money is wagered illegally. This fact shows that Americans are already keen on sports betting and that it is very difficult to stop people from placing wagers online. Firstly, it is very difficult for the federal authorities to keep track of every possible wager than might have been placed by an American citizen, especially knowing that a wager might be placed anonymously via various platforms. Secondly, reports show that sports betting is more popular than ever. In the current circumstances it is clear that the online betting is here to stay.

Huge Tax Revenues Can Be Collected

The authorities and lawmakers arenít stupid. They realize that if people are willing to spend money on sports betting that it is much better for everyone to have that money taxed in the US. Knowing how keen Americans are on betting it is clear that both the federal and a state budgets will have benefits from these increased revenues. That is why you can bet on the future of online betting. It probably wonít be long before the process of legalization starts irreversibly. Moreover, the leagues and the organizations associated with sports teams in the country openly or somewhat secretly cooperate with entities that are somehow connected to sports betting and whose business depend on sports betting, therefore the league organizers would have no problems with the eventual legalization of sports betting in the country. MLB has just announced that MLB matches will be played abroad, or to be more specific in the UK, where sports betting is completely legal. In this, the MLB will be following the steps of the NBA and NFL which already held some of the matches on UK soil.

Do online casinos have a future in the USA?

If at least one of the states legalizes online betting in the near future, this will be a clear example that sports betting has a bright future in the country. If that doesnít happen, the current status-quo will most likely be kept and the US sports betting fans will keep betting away from the eyes of the authorities. However, knowing the potential benefits of an eventual legalization, it is highly unlikely that the states and the federal government give up on such huge revenues.